The Pitching Bible
  • "Brilliant advice. We should all have Paul on speed dial"
  • "Pitch Up" shows jobseekers how to develop their own brand to compliment and fit in with the brand the recruiting company is aiming to create.
  • "If you are in sales or if your business or personal life depends on great communication, then you need the Pitching Bible by Paul Boross."
    Tom Ziglar, CEO, Ziglar Inc.
  • "Problems with pitching or presenting? Paul Boross is your man"
    Real Business Magazine
  • "Boross is the boss when it comes to learning the know-how of successful, effective and memorable pitching"
    Gavin Duffy - Dragons' Den Ireland
  • "Paul Boross is hugely talented and very popular. He has, without doubt, reached the very top of his profession."
    Mike Myers, Actor/Comedian/Producer (Shrek, Austin Powers, Wayne's World)
  • "Paul is passionate about his subject and his enthusiasm is contagious"
    Debbie O’Sullivan, senior industry manager, Google
  • "Highly Recommended"
    Daily Mail
  • "What The Pitch Doctor teaches can be used by anybody, in any area of life"
    2009 Entertainment Master Class participant
  • "Paul is an immensely accomplished trainer. He knows his subjects inside out and understands that every great manager needs to slow down sometimes in order to go faster in the long run"
    Carl Honoré, international speaker and bestselling author of ‘In Praise of Slow’
  • "Paul can do it all, from motivational speaking to keynote presentations, from one-to-one coaching to group training"
    David Rose, former creative director, Walt Disney International Television, channel editor, Nickelodeon, and producer of Mrs Henderson Presents
  • "Working up a pitch? Check out The Pitch Doctor, a true meister"
    Dr Ayan Panja, BBC TV series’ The Health Show and Street Doctor
  • "Paul is an excellent skills coach, amongst many other things, and uses his humour and intuition to help people maximise their ability"
    Dr Ayan Panja, Star of BBC 1 series Street Doctor
  • "I highly recommend Paul Boross"
    Dr Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP
  • Inspiring, motivating and fun, Paul has developed our team and our skills in a positive and enjoyable way
    Eivind Landsverk, Program Director TVNorge AS
  • "Can’t close those deals? Learn the Seven Secrets of a Successful Business Pitch. The Pitching Bible is great advice on sales and life"
    CNBC – Bullish On Books
  • "The Pitch Doctor is to communication what Delia is to cookery"
    Ainsley Harriott, TV presenter and celebrity chef
  • "You were amazing, inspiring and brilliant!"
    Ellie Springett, Communications Director, Virgin Unite
  • "The Pitch Doctor has been directly responsible for us winning new business"
    Gavin Wheeler, joint managing director, WDMP Advertising
  • "The thing about The Pitch Doctor’s training is that it works. It’s not quite magic — but your results will be"
    Ian Haworth, chairman and global creative officer, WWAVRC Rapp Collins
  • "I highly recommend it"
    Jeff Ford, Director of Programmes, Channel FIVE
  • "Our international participants describe Paul as 'an excellent trainer', 'a great lecturer' and 'brilliant'."
    John Gough, head of programme, Entertainment Master Class, The Format Academy for Entertainment Television
  • "With humour and skill, Paul Boross enables people to make significant and important changes in their lives"
    John La Valle, President of The Society of NLP and co-author of Persuasion Engineering
  • "Your sessions were fascinating and feedback has been excellent."
    John Marshall International Trade Adviser, Digital Media, UK Trade & Investment
  • "The Pitch Doctor is the communication expert's expert"
    Jon Briggs, owner, Excellent Voice Company and voice of BBC TV’s The Weakest Link
  • "Paul is a fantastic pitch doctor... obtaining excellent results"
    Laurine Garaude, Director of TV Division - MIPTV, MIPCOM at Reed MIDEM
  • "We could not have obtained such excellent results without your participation"
    Lee, Jae Woong, president and CEO, Korea Creative Content Agency
  • "We called in The Pitch Doctor — and we estimate that we’ve had a 75% increase in our pitch rate as a result"
    Les Hughes, managing partner, STEEL
  • "The Pitch Doctor does 'entertrainment' better than anybody in the business"
    Lindsay Duthie, head of development, ETV
  • "It’s fun, it’s will learn a great deal without even realising it."
    Neil Mullarkey, Director at ImprovYourBiz and Co-founder of The Comedy Store Players
  • "If you want to know how to present your message so that it grabs the other person’s attention, excites them and wins them over... Paul Boross is your man."
    Owen Fitzpatrick. Psychologist Co-author Conversations with Dr Richard Bandler Creator of The Charisma Bootcamp
  • "If you want the best results, you hire the best – Paul Boross is the best."
    Paul Heaney, managing director, Cineflix International
  • "The Pitch Doctor is one of the good guys. It's always seemed obvious to me that if you want the best results, you hire the best"
    Paul Heaney, managing director, Cineflix International
  • "The Pitch Doctor rises to any occasion and always exceeds expectations"
    Paul Provenza, Director of the hit film The Aristocrats and Presenter of The Green Room with Paul Provenza on Showtime
  • "They take time management techniques they would normally use with sports stars and captains of industry and turn them on ordinary, shambolic people with dramatic and encouraging results"
    Radio Times
  • "The battery of tricks and insights that Boross and Thomson use can be almost spooky. In one programme they coach a woman to double her reading speed in just 20 minutes – so quick that the director was worried that the viewers wouldn’t believe it"
    Radio Times
  • "The Pitch Doctor has the unique ability to turn a mundane business pitch into a work of art"
    Rupert Ashe, managing director, Video Jug and owner, Wall House Consulting
  • "In an industry where every meeting counts, Paul provides an invaluable service"
    Steve Blame, freelance writer, format developer and former MTV news editor and presenter
  • "The Pitch Doctor is an inspirational coach and motivational speaker"
    Sue Rider, Owner, Sue Rider Management
  • "Paul delivers excellent programmes with great aplomb... a fun learning experience."
    Terry Jones, Senior Learning & Development Business Partner at Google
  • "A master class in verbal communication"
    The Daily Express
  • "Speed Up, Slow Down is the latest reality show for our time-poor generation and, barely halfway through it’s six-week run, is already a huge hit with BBC2 viewers"
    The Daily Express
  • "Paul Boross is a man who can make you laugh while dramatically changing your life for the better"
    The Politics Show, BBC
  • "Paul Boross is a man who can make you laugh while dramatically changing your life for the better"
    The Politics Show, BBC TV
  • "Jaw-droppingly simple but fabulously effective"
    Time Out
  • "Jaw-droopingly simple but fabulously effective"
    Time Out
  • "Paul's training is inspiring, motivating and fun. That's why we invite him back again and again"
    Trond Kvernstrom, CEO, Monster Entertainment AS
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The Pitch Doctor

Training for winners

  • Targeted training focused on winning pitches
  • Specialist trainers in performance, psychology and communication
  • Increased pitch conversion rate of up to 75%

Welcome to The Pitch Doctor

The Pitch Doctor - Paul Boross - and his team of professional trainers have one mission: to help you win business.
How? By coaching you in the art and science of pitching. By showing you how to present yourself, your company and your product to optimal effect. By equipping you with a toolkit of psychology, NLP, performance, communication and storytelling techniques that not only deliver commercial results, but build relationships and keep clients coming back for more.

In short, by giving you the skills to win and the confidence to dare to.
It's not the taking part that counts in today's ruthless marketplace; it's the winning. Among those to have recognised this fact — and benefited from The Pitch Doctor's therapy — are major television and media players, leading internet brands, banks and global advertising agencies, including the BBC, Google, MTV, WDMP and Rapp Collins.

The symptoms

You are facing a potential client and you need to make the best impression in the shortest time. The pressure is on: hundreds of thousands of pounds and months of hard work hang on how to perform in the next few minutes.

And you blow it.

You stutter, you falter. You ramble off message and lose the path back. Your body language contradicts your words. You become anxious and inarticulate. You feel your audience slipping away — and with it that all-important deal.

The diagnosis

Pitching — the art of persuading people to give you business — is one of the most important skills in your toolkit. But it is also one of the least understood. All too often the process is rushed, the participants unprepared and the outcome unsatisfactory.

Most people aren't natural-born "pitchers". It's a skill — like driving a car — that needs to be acquired. And there's no shame in admitting it.

This is where The Pitch Doctor comes in. Combining psychological insight with presentation skills and a dose of commercial instinct, The Pitch Doctor will show you how to put across your message in a way that does you, and your product, credit. He and his team will help you cut through the clutter, differentiate your offer, and understand why people buy and what drives their decision-making process.

A lost pitch is not just a missed opportunity; it's a waste of time, effort and investment. Losing a pitch fair and square is bad luck, but squandering resources because you are unprepared and unrehearsed is bad judgment.

The prescription

Winning is a state of mind. While a good pitch isn't going to save a bad product, a bad pitch can kill a good one.

It's not always the best companies or the most innovative formats that are the most successful; it's the best pitched.

Most pitches attempt to tune in to their audience using one or two channels, such as pictures or words. But the best pitches resonate on all frequencies: emotional, intellectual, visual, verbal. If you hit all these touchpoints — if you can make your audience see, hear and feel your message — you have a 100% greater chance of selling them your product.

But don't take our word for it.

The Pitch Doctor's clients report an average 75% increase their pitch success rate following a training programme.

Which is just what the doctor ordered.

See The Pitch Doctor's one-day in-house course, Presenting and Winning Pitches


Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing

Vince Lombardi

You were born to win. But to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win and expect to win

Zig Zigler

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